CorPower Ocean AB was founded in 2009 to develop Wave Energy Converters (WEC). CorPower founder Stig Lundbäck, MD, spent most of his life studying the pumping principles of the human heart. He invented the Dynamic Adaptive Piston Pump Technology (DAPPT) in 1984, and used his comprehensive knowledge to imagine and construct a Wave Energy Converter based on similar principles. The highly efficient converter has recently been combined with a novel phase control technology invented by Ph.D. Jørgen Hals Todalshaug of NTNU in Trondheim. The WaveSpring technology has shown game-changing performance set to revolutionize wave power. It is a result of research on phase controlled point absorbers that has been conducted in Trondheim since the 1970s.

Due to a unique WEC design, CorPower now stands on the brink of a major breakthrough in terms of redefining the efficiency of wave energy generation. CorPower’s philosophy of reliable, effective and sustainable design is an integral part of our engineering, and in the face of the overwhelming power of the ocean, respect for nature is paramount. The small and light approach combined with resonance is the most structurally effective – as well as being cost effective. “Small is beautiful” as professor Falnes has said for a long time.

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