Why is wave power needed?

The global electricity consumption is rising rapidly. At the same time as we see a transformation from oil & gas we experience a constantly increasing number of electricity consumers around the world. This coupled with new electrical applications such as the electrification of cars, industrial processes, heating & cooling etc. we face a growing need of renewable energy sources.

Wave power also offers more predictable energy output, with power levels that can be forecasted 1-2 days in advance and a different timing of intermittency compared to wind and solar. This predictability is very beneficial for grid balancing and matching the supply of energy to demand. All regions have different prerequisites for the optimism energy mix and in many areas wave power will be an important component to a reliable and cost effective energy system.

The unique features of ocean wave energy make it a very strong alternative for the generation of 100% clean, renewable energy with no carbon dioxide emissions.

Wave farms

The wave farm concept is based on combining hundreds to thousands of units in arrays, with a common grid export cable that connects the offshore wave farm to existing on-land grid. With a WEC rating of 250kW per unit in a typical Atlantic coast climate this enables 10-250MW wave farms with 40-1000 units. The concept allows mass production to drive down cost per unit and a maintenance scheme based on replacement of entire units at sea. This avoids performing service activities in the harsh offshore environment and offers improvements in farm up-time and reduction of O&M cost.