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CorPower comment on IPCC Report

The latest IPCC report is summarized as ‘Code Red for Humanity‘ by UN Secretary-General António Guterres, stating ‘The alarm bells are deafening, and the evidence is irrefutable:  greenhousegas emissions from fossil-fuel burning and deforestation are choking our planet and putting billions of people at immediate risk.  Global heating is affecting every region on Earth, with many of the changes becoming irreversible.” The […]

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CorPower completes world’s largest wave energy test-rig

CorPower has constructed the world’s largest wave energy test-rig following an intense two-year project.  The 45-tonne moving mass system, installed at CorPower’s Stockholm base, is capable of simulating ocean wave conditions anywhere in the world. The design, build and accreditation has been supported by key supplier ABB and accrediting body DNV.  Measuring 40m in length and 9m in width, the system will play a fundamental role supporting CorPower’s flagship HiWave-5 demonstration project, […]

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CorPower joins panel discussing Portugal’s ambitious marine renewables plan 

CorPower joined an elite panel of marine energy experts in Viana do Castelo, northern Portugal, to discuss the region’s ambitious plan to become an epicentre for offshore renewables.  The Alto Minho region is positioning itself to receive a series of major marine energy investments, taking advantage of the “great production potential” from the Atlantic coast.  The municipality is reported to have been approached by […]

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CorPower ramps up Portugal operations ahead of HiWave-5 deployment

  CorPower’s Portuguese operation continues to gather pace with qualification of its composite hull fabrication facility, ahead of the flagship HiWave-5 deployment later this year. The facility located in the commercial Port of Viana do Castelo has been operational since the beginning of 2021. CorPower’s composite team has in cooperation with machine and materials suppliers now reached […]

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Major new Oregon facility could transform US wave energy prospects

  Several reports in recent weeks have demonstrated major appetite for marine renewables on the US West Coast, as the energy transition continues to intensify.  A CNBC report focusing on the Oregon-based PacWave initiative helped spread word to the masses about wave energy’s potential contribution to the future green energy mix.  The open-ocean wave energy test site will have two separate facilities: PacWave North, for small-scale and prototype technologies, and the larger PacWave South. The latter is currently under development after attracting grants from both […]

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CorPower to appear at Ocean Energy Europe ‘Target 2025’ Conference

  Join CorPower and Ocean Energy Europe Co-President Patrik Moller on June 22 at the OEE ‘Target 2025 Conference – Empowering Europe to deliver on its ocean energy ambitions’. CorPower will appear at 10.00 CET discussing future progression to wave energy pilot farms. The EU Strategy on Offshore Renewable Energy has set a clear objective for ocean energy deployment: 100 MW by 2025. […]

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Pioneering UMACK mooring and anchoring project partners with University of Dundee

A novel marine mooring and anchoring project aiming to improve the operation efficiency of ocean energy devices is recruiting expert support from the University of Dundee. The UMACK (Universal Mooring, Anchor & Connectivity Kit) Project has teamed up with the University’s Geotechnical Engineering Group to aid the development of a new ‘vibro-installed’ anchor system for […]

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