May 19, 2022 Sam Pinnington 0 comments
CorPower Ocean promotes wave energy at Swedish Parliament

CorPower Ocean has spoken at the Swedish Parliament to build awareness of the future potential of wave energy amongst the nation’s policy makers. A presentation delivered by Commercial Director Kevin Rebenius illustrated how the Nordic region can maximise its unique assets to ensure a robust and stable future energy system run entirely on renewables – […]

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Mar 18, 2022 Sam Pinnington 0 comments
Complementing future wind and solar, and dry-testing CorPower’s first commercial scale device

Complementing future wind and solar, and dry-testing CorPower’s first commercial scale device – Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day Interviews Patrik Möller, CEO and co-founder of CorPower Ocean. CorPower Ocean is realizing something that has long been a bit of wishful thinking – to be able to supply our planet with clean electricity from ocean waves. Many […]

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Jan 20, 2022 Sam Pinnington 0 comments
Wave energy to form ‘backbone’ of future island energy systems, according to EU-backed Maldives study

A high-level study published on the Elsevier for Energy portal has identified wave energy as the ‘backbone’ of future island energy systems. More broadly, the research carried out by LUT University and Utrecht University, suggests offshore floating renewables will be a ‘gamechanger’ for island energy transitions – helping achieve security of supply while accelerating to […]

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Nov 08, 2021 Sam Pinnington 0 comments
CorPower named finalist in $1Million Ocean Innovation Prize

CorPower has reached the finals of the US$1 Million Ocean Innovation Prize organised by the Blue Climate Initiative (BCI). A total of 21 semi-finalists have been selected for their ‘creative and innovative approach’ to help solve the climate crisis, after being whittled down from 236 applications from more than 60 countries. Endorsed by the United Nations […]

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Oct 22, 2021 Sam Pinnington 0 comments
National Geographic features CorPower’s pioneering wave technology

National Geographic has reported on CorPower Ocean’s involvement in the landmark European project EU-SCORES. The €45million initiative will see the creation of hybrid marine energy parks off the Northern Portugal coast to develop a more resilient and stable national energy system. Installed off Aguçadoura, in Póvoa do Varzim, CorPower’s pioneering wave energy technology will also crucially be used to demonstrate […]

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Aug 31, 2021 Sam Pinnington 0 comments
Composite World reports on CorPower’s novel Mobile Filament Winding System

Global media platform Composite World has completed an in-depth report on CorPower’s industrial-scale wave energy converters. The 9-meter-long WECs are designed for high-efficiency, durable wave energy generation and fast, on-site manufacture. Following years of test and development, CorPower identified Filament-Wound GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) composites as the most efficient and cost-effective solution to manufacture commercial-scale hulls. After […]

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CorPower features on Megadeals Podcast

The latest Megadeals Podcast is live with CorPower CEO Patrik Moller discussing the firm’s recent inclusion in the ‘Sustainability Game Changers – Nordic Top 50 report’. The Sustainability Report, led by Stockholm Management Consultancy Megadeals Advisory and Environmental Services group We Don’t Have Time, recognises companies delivering world-class innovations to significantly lower CO2 emissions with […]

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