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CorPower awarded ‘Most Innovative Wave Technology’ in 2021 Business Vision Awards

  CorPower has been awarded ‘Most Innovative Wave Technology’ in the 2021 Business Vision Awards. Click here to read the announcement in the latest digital edition. The Business Vision (BV) Awards Programme seeks out candidates with outstanding corporate achievements with winners having to convince the judging panel they have the vision to maintain and build on their success.

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May 26, 2021 Sam Pinnington 0 comments
CorPower features in ECO Magazine’s ‘UN Ocean Decade’ special edition

CorPower is delighted to feature in ECO Magazine’s latest special edition, published in partnership with UNESCO – Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. Click here to read our story in the extensive 288-page digital issue assessing the ‘UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development’ – with special focus on the seven societal outcomes: #CleanOcean, #HealthyResilientOcean, #ProductiveOcean, #PredictedOcean, #SafeOcean, #AccessibleOcean, and an #InspiringEngagingOcean.

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CorPower features on front page of Wave & Tidal Energy Network Magazine

The ocean remains the largest and least explored energy source on earth. By 2050, ocean energy can provide 10pc of Europe’s current electricity needs while creating hundreds of thousands of jobs. Click here and turn to P4 to read more about CorPower’s onward journey towards commercialisation in the latest edition of Wave & Tidal Energy […]

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Join CorPower at European Maritime Day 2021

Join CorPower at European Maritime Day 2021 on Thursday May 20. CEO Patrik Moller features on the ‘Ocean Energy – Sparking blue growth in Europe’s seas’ panel discussion between 15:15 and 16:30 CET. The OEE-led event moderated by Rémi Gruet includes Andrea Alessi ENI, Martin Edlund Minesto and Marlène Moutel Sabella. Listeners will hear recommendations on how to improve trans-national cooperation in ocean energy […]

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CorPower appears on KTH Innovation Talks

  The latest episode of KTH Innovation Talks is now live featuring CorPower CEO Patrik Möller. Click here to learn more about the future of Swedish energy innovations and finance for green energy solutions with Andreas Stubelius from the Swedish Energy Agency, Johan Grip from CETIF and Lina Tjernberg from the KTH Energy Platform.  

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CorPower features in Portugal’s Jornal de Negocios

Portugal’s Jornal de Negócios features CorPower in a special ‘Renewable Energy’ edition ahead of this year’s full-scale demonstration project, HiWave-5, in Viana do Castelo. Read how CorPower’s robust and innovative technology will embrace the elements in the Atlantic Ocean and reap the reward of clean and reliable electricity from ocean waves.  

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CorPower makes front page of IEA OES Report

CorPower is honoured to make the front page of IEA Ocean Energy Systems’ latest international report on metrics to evaluate and guide investment in ocean energy technologies. A must read for anyone getting serious in the field! We are firm believers in the structured five-stage approach to bring bankable ocean energy technology to market.

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