May 19, 2022 Sam Pinnington 0 comments
CorPower Ocean promotes wave energy at Swedish Parliament

CorPower Ocean has spoken at the Swedish Parliament to build awareness of the future potential of wave energy amongst the nation’s policy makers. A presentation delivered by Commercial Director Kevin Rebenius illustrated how the Nordic region can maximise its unique assets to ensure a robust and stable future energy system run entirely on renewables – […]

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May 18, 2022 Sam Pinnington 0 comments
Ground-breaking wave energy test project gears up for first live webinar

A ground-breaking wave energy testing project delivered under the EU funded Horizon-2020 framework is gearing up to deliver its first live webinar on May 21. The VALID Project webinar takes place between 15:00-16:00 CET on Tuesday May 24. The event will lay out the history of hybrid testing, and its potential benefits for the development […]

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Fostering a diverse energy portfolio and spurring innovation in the USA: An interview with University of Southern California Energy Expert Professor Shon R. Hiatt

“Ocean energy is very relevant to the United States’ future energy needs for two reasons. First, marine energy helps diversify the country’s energy portfolio, creating a hedge for input disruptions and price volatility. Second, the US has abundant potential for ocean energy production. In particular, the west coast of the United States has prospective sites […]

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May 06, 2022 Sam Pinnington 0 comments
EVOLVE Project reveals positive role for wave energy in Europe’s future low carbon energy system

With official results from the EVOLVE Project due for release later this year, initial findings indicate wave energy will positively impact Europe’s future low carbon energy system. The €1million initiative – which stands for Economic Value of Ocean Energy – aims to build a firm evidence base to support the introduction of – ocean energy […]

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Ocean Waves – the Next Frontier for Renewable Energy: Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day pitch from CorPower Ocean CEO Patrik Möller

WATCH VIDEO: CorPower Ocean CEO Patrik Möller’s full video pitch at Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day The biggest challenge in the global movement towards 100pc renewables is balancing supply with demand at all times. We need to fill these gaps and remove volatility from the energy system. With a mix of wind, wave and solar we […]

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CorPower Ocean partners with subsea composite specialist Diab

CorPower Ocean has partnered with subsea composite specialist Diab for the construction of its first commercial scale Wave Energy Converter (WEC). The ocean energy developer is currently fabricating its next generation C4 WEC, with dual build-out operations in Sweden and Portugal. Part of the flagship HiWave-5 Project, the WEC will ultimately join a four-system wave […]

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The rise of hybrid marine energy parks: An interview with Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC) Project Coordinator Benjamin Lehner

“The enormous amount of energy stored in our oceans, seas and rivers will be a crucial driver to realise our global energy transition and foster sustainable growth.”             Short Introduction about your role As project portfolio manager of DMEC my core responsibilities are the alignment and implementation of our six […]

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