CorPower’s devices are very compact and operate in resonance with incoming waves, delivering a large amount of power with small buoys. Our patented phase control technology makes the converters resonant in all wave conditions, strongly amplifying the motion and power capture.  This allows for small and light devices with a high power output, and effective energy absorption over a broad range of sea states. The concept, incorporating many small units, enables mass production to drive down device cost, and has an effective maintenance scheme. The system has an excellent survivability rate in storms, thanks to its robust construction.


The process relies on three key components: a mooring line that holds the buoy in place and keeps it upright and stable; a device called the WaveSpring that causes the buoy to oscillate in time with incoming waves; and a gear mechanism that converts that bobbing motion into electricity with maximum efficiency.

A 9m-diameter buoy having a mass of 60tons can generate 300kW in a typical Atlantic coast wave climate, which should be compared to previous generation WECs having dimensions of 100m+ and mass of 1000t+ for similar power output. The detuning of the PTO is a critical function for storm survivability.