Product development

Pilot Program - Stage 3

CorPower is currently in the stage 3 of its pilot program, taking a scale 1:2 25kW Wave Energy Converter (CorPower S3) through the next step of structured verification by dry testing it in Stockholm, followed by wet testing during second part of 2017 at EMECs Scapa Flow nursery site in Orkney, Scotland.

The first power was delivered to the Swedish grid during April 2017 with the WEC operating in simulated waves using the 500kW Hardware-In-the-Loop test rig in Stockholm. The rigorous dry test program in Stage 3 has been designed to accelerate the product development and de-risk the upcoming ocean demonstration.

Stage 3 demonstration is supported by best practice from the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, alongside the experience from offshore power generation company Iberdrola Engineering, the University of Edinburgh, and WavEC Offshore Renewables’ expertise in cost and performance modelling.

After verifying functionality, operations and economy through Stage 3 in 2017, CPO expects to launch its stage 4 program with testing of a full-scale system before launching the first array installations in the market.

Previous results

CorPower’s product development follows a structured verification process in five Stages. It involves step-wise validation of survivability, performance, reliability and economics starting with small scale prototypes in Stage 1, continued by sub-system testing and then fully integrated Wave Energy Converters in increasing scales up to array demonstration in Stage 5.

Testing activities of multiple prototypes in smaller scales performed in Portugal and France during Stage 1 and 2 have already proven that a significant improvement in the amount of annual energy per ton and annual energy per force can be offered compared to the current state of the art for Wave Energy Converters.

Low costs, coupled with high production, provides a step-change reduction in Cost-of-Energy, enabling wave power to compete with offshore wind after 50MW of installed capacity.

In terms of future commercial development, CorPower is currently working on project development focused on several markets; including the UK, Portugal, France, Spain, and the USA – with a current focus on Scotland and Portugal.