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Complementing future wind and solar, and dry-testing CorPower’s first commercial scale device

Complementing future wind and solar, and dry-testing CorPower’s first commercial scale device – Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day Interviews Patrik Möller, CEO and co-founder of CorPower Ocean. CorPower Ocean is realizing something that has long been a bit of wishful thinking – to be able to supply our planet with clean electricity from ocean waves. Many […]

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CorPower Ocean selected from 600 firms for Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day

CorPower Ocean has been selected from 600 companies to appear at the forthcoming Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day. The event, taking place on March 22 at Norra Latin in Stockholm, is considered one of the leading Swedish capital market days for scale-up sustaintech companies to meet Swedish and international investors. It presents a unique opportunity to […]

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OEE report shows positive rebound for ocean energy post Covid-19

  Statistics published today by Ocean Energy Europe show a positive rebound for the sector following Covid-19 disruptions. Ocean energy deployments returned to pre-pandemic levels in 2021, with Europe installing three times as much wave energy and more than ten times the tidal energy capacity witnessed in 2020. A slew of new investments by public […]

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UMACK anchor ready for deployment 

  The first commercial scale UMACK anchor has completed pre-deployment checks at CorPower’s facility in Viana do Castelo port, northern Portugal. Developed in a European consortium, the innovative UMACK technology represents a geotechnical breakthrough allowing 4-5 times higher vertical load capacity compared to a standard monopile of the same size. This may enable efficient low-cost […]

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Wave energy – Plugging the wind and solar void

While it may seem counterintuitive, a successful transition to 100% renewable energy systems is not a simple calculation of the amount of clean energy we can generate. Global solar or wind resources are sufficient enough to easily satisfy total annual demand. The larger issue at play revolves around when we harvest this energy, and ultimately […]

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Oceans of potential in a time of profound change: An interview with Portugal’s Minister of the Sea Ricardo Serrão Santos

Minister of the Sea Ricardo Serrão Santos is responsible for the coordination of maritime affairs in the Portuguese Government   “We have ambitious targets in our National Ocean Strategy to increase the blue economy’s contribution to 7% of GDP, and 5,2% of the total jobs, by 2030. I believe that the ocean renewable energy sector […]

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CorPower to begin ‘Ironman Tests’ ahead of ocean deployment

  CorPower Ocean’s first commercial scale Wave Energy Converter (WEC) is set to undergo an intensive ‘Ironman Test’ proving performance and reliable operation ahead of ocean deployment. The next-generation C4 WEC has been through a rigorous dry-test program since mid-2021 and will experience continuous operation on the world’s largest wave energy test rig in Sweden. […]

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CorPower agrees landmark deal with world’s largest heat treatment specialist Bodycote

CorPower has agreed a landmark deal with the world’s largest heat treatment specialist Bodycote. The thermal processing specialist – present in 23 countries – improves the properties of metals and alloys, extending the life of vital components for a wide range of industries. The gateway deal opens Bodycote to the ocean energy sector using its Corr-I-Dur® […]

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CorPower CEO elected Co-President of Ocean Energy Europe

Ocean Energy Europe (OEE) has appointed CorPower Ocean CEO Patrik Möller and Simon De Pietro from DP Energy as its new Co-Presidents. This pairing brings together both technology and project development perspectives, and a wealth of experience in ocean energy. The appointments come at a crucial time for the ocean energy sector, as the push to scale up and industrialise intensifies, and the […]

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CorPower extends equity funding to 20.3 MEUR for commercial scale demonstration

After securing a private placement of 9 MEUR, CorPower has extended its equity funding to 20.3 MEUR, enabling the commercial scale demonstration of its wave energy technology. The investment round was led by Midroc New Technology and included SEB Greentech VC, family offices and private investors. Pareto Securities acted as Sole Manager and Bookrunner in […]

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CorPower secures 7.3 MEUR investment into Portuguese wave project

Portuguese authorities have joined the Swedish Energy Agency, EIT InnoEnergy and private investors to support CorPower’s flagship HiWave-5 demonstration project in northern Portugal. The investment supported by the European Union is provided through the NORTE 2020 Program operated by aicep Portugal Global (Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency) and CCDR-N (Norte Portugal Regional Coordination and Development […]

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CorPower and OPS primed for ‘industry advancing’ wave energy project, following EEA Grant

CorPower Ocean and OPS Composite Solutions are primed to deliver an ‘industry advancing’ wave energy project after securing close to €500,000 from EEA Grants. The Portuguese-Swedish wave energy developer and Norwegian engineering firm will join forces for the COMPACT (COMposite Pressure cAsing for CosT- and energy-effective wave power generation) Project, combining sector leading Wave Energy […]

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CorPower awarded ten-year marine license by Portuguese authorities

CorPower Ocean is set to unleash a world-leading wave energy project in the Atlantic Ocean after securing a 10-year license. The TUPEM license – awarded by the national Directorate-General for Natural Resources (DGRM) – provides a ‘Permit for the Private Use of the Maritime Space’ up to 12 miles off the coast of Aguçadoura in […]

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Corpower appoints wind industry veteran to lead Portuguese operation

Leading global wave energy developer CorPower Ocean has appointed Miguel Silva as head of its Portuguese operation. The news comes shortly after CorPower revealed plans for a new 16 MEUR (USD18.1m) R&D, Manufacturing and Service Centre in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, becoming a core focus for the firm’s pioneering HiWave-5 Project with a showcase pilot […]

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CorPower awarded ‘Most Innovative Wave Technology’ in 2021 Business Vision Awards

  CorPower has been awarded ‘Most Innovative Wave Technology’ in the 2021 Business Vision Awards. Click here to read the announcement in the latest digital edition. The Business Vision (BV) Awards Programme seeks out candidates with outstanding corporate achievements with winners having to convince the judging panel they have the vision to maintain and build on their success.

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CorPower features in ECO Magazine’s ‘UN Ocean Decade’ special edition

CorPower is delighted to feature in ECO Magazine’s latest special edition, published in partnership with UNESCO – Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. Click here to read our story in the extensive 288-page digital issue assessing the ‘UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development’ – with special focus on the seven societal outcomes: #CleanOcean, #HealthyResilientOcean, #ProductiveOcean, #PredictedOcean, #SafeOcean, #AccessibleOcean, and an #InspiringEngagingOcean.

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CorPower features on front page of Wave & Tidal Energy Network Magazine

The ocean remains the largest and least explored energy source on earth. By 2050, ocean energy can provide 10pc of Europe’s current electricity needs while creating hundreds of thousands of jobs. Click here and turn to P4 to read more about CorPower’s onward journey towards commercialisation in the latest edition of Wave & Tidal Energy […]

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Join CorPower at European Maritime Day 2021

Join CorPower at European Maritime Day 2021 on Thursday May 20. CEO Patrik Moller features on the ‘Ocean Energy – Sparking blue growth in Europe’s seas’ panel discussion between 15:15 and 16:30 CET. The OEE-led event moderated by Rémi Gruet includes Andrea Alessi ENI, Martin Edlund Minesto and Marlène Moutel Sabella. Listeners will hear recommendations on how to improve trans-national cooperation in ocean energy […]

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CorPower appears on KTH Innovation Talks

  The latest episode of KTH Innovation Talks is now live featuring CorPower CEO Patrik Möller. Click here to learn more about the future of Swedish energy innovations and finance for green energy solutions with Andreas Stubelius from the Swedish Energy Agency, Johan Grip from CETIF and Lina Tjernberg from the KTH Energy Platform.  

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CorPower features in Portugal’s Jornal de Negocios

Portugal’s Jornal de Negócios features CorPower in a special ‘Renewable Energy’ edition ahead of this year’s full-scale demonstration project, HiWave-5, in Viana do Castelo. Read how CorPower’s robust and innovative technology will embrace the elements in the Atlantic Ocean and reap the reward of clean and reliable electricity from ocean waves.  

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CorPower makes front page of IEA OES Report

CorPower is honoured to make the front page of IEA Ocean Energy Systems’ latest international report on metrics to evaluate and guide investment in ocean energy technologies. A must read for anyone getting serious in the field! We are firm believers in the structured five-stage approach to bring bankable ocean energy technology to market.

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High deployments, low costs: The 2030 vision for ocean energy

Ocean Energy Europe released its latest report yesterday – ‘2030 Ocean Energy Vision’ – charting the path for ocean energy’s roll-out over the coming decade. This industry analysis considers the evolution of European wave and tidal technology to 2030. It projects deployments in high and low growth scenarios. The analysis also examines how energy costs […]

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CorPower featured in two papers at EWTEC 2017

CorPower featured in two papers at EWTEC 2017 in Cork, Ireland, this week – the largest scientific conference on wave and tidal energy. R. Costello, B. Kennedy, H. Kelly, S. Roch Perks “Horizon Scanning for Commercial Wave Energy Technology” M. Guérinel, E. Jansson, J. Todalshaug, M. Jesmani, K. Guijt, “Modelling Alternatives for a Heaving Point […]

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New “Handbook of Ocean Wave Energy”

New “Handbook of Ocean Wave Energy” published with CorPower’s Lead Scientist Jørgen Hals Todalshaug as co-author. Open Access here :

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