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CorPower on Swedish Radio P1

Hear about CorPower and ocean energy developments on Swedish Radio P1 today! (swedish) #Oceanenergy #blueeconomy #waveenergy #bluetech

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CorPower @ Pareto Renewable Energy & Clean Tech Conference, 7 Oct 2020

Don’t miss CorPower’s CEO Patrik Möller & CCO Rikard Tullberg giving a presentation on Pareto Securities’ Renewable Energy & Clean Tech Conference 7 October 2020 @ 15.00. Read more & register for the online event here. #oceanenergy #waveenergy #cleanenergy #blueeconomy #energytransition #bluetech

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Marine Technology News

See the recent interview on CorPower Ocean and Wave Energy by Greg Trauthwein for Marine Technology News  

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Sea change

Read EME Outlook’s recent article on CorPower and our efforts to bring reliable and competitive wave energy technology to the world.

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Corpower appoints wind industry veteran to lead Portuguese operation

Leading global wave energy developer CorPower Ocean has appointed Miguel Silva as head of its Portuguese operation. The news comes shortly after CorPower revealed plans for a new 16 MEUR (USD18.1m) R&D, Manufacturing and Service Centre in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, becoming a core focus for the firm’s pioneering HiWave-5 Project with a showcase pilot […]

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CorPower Ocean secures 9 MEUR equity funding for breakthrough wave energy tech

The funding round was led by Midroc New Technology, with ​additional investment from​ ALMI Invest Greentech, EIT InnoEnergy, and a group of private investors. CorPower Ocean is a global leader in wave energy technology. Its new generation of high-efficiency WECs (Wave Energy Converters) are inspired by the pumping principles of the human heart. Advanced control […]

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European Offshore Renewable Strategy

We are honored to represent the ocean energy sector for the European Offshore Renewable Strategy webinar on July 9th. Hear our CEO Patrik Möller speak about the massive opportunities for new export businesses and what we need to maintain European industrial and technological leadership. Read more and register here before noon on July 8th. #oceanenergy […]

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Jun 26, 2018 Louis 1 comment
Swedish Energy Agency invests 8.2 MEUR in CorPower full scale demonstration !

PRESS RELEASE,  Energimyndigheten After 18 months of testing and final verification of survival and power generation in Scotland, CorPower has proven that its technology has the underlying physics and technical capabilities to produce electricity at a competitive cost. The Swedish Energy Agency has co-financed the current demonstration project in Scotland and, due to the proven […]

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CorPower’CEO elected to the board of Ocean Energy Europe

CorPower is honored to have our CEO elected to the board of Ocean Energy Europe. Building a new industry based on clean, predictable electricity from our oceans! Here is the press release. #oceanenergy

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Jan 16, 2018 Louis 0 comments
C3 Wave Energy Converter successfully installed in Orkney

PRESS RELEASE Some great news from Orkney ! CorPower and partners have successfully deployed the C3 Wave Energy Converter (WEC) at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), Scotland.

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Dec 22, 2017 Louis 0 comments
CorPower delivers the C3 Wave Energy Converter to Orkney

PRESS RELEASE CorPower completes foundation install and delivers the C3 Wave Energy Converter to Orkney

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Jan 10, 2017 Louis 0 comments
CorPower secures WES contract on composite structures

CorPower secures WES contract on composite structures A CorPower led consortium with Balmoral Offshore Engineering and Wave Venture has been awarded a £248,600 development contract from Wave Energy Scotland. The HydroComp project brings innovative material and manufacturing for wave energy devices structures using Balmoral’s long experience in structural design, materials and production for offshore environments, […]

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Certification specialist called to jump in CorPower’s waves

A great article from about corpower !

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Simply Blue Energy review on Corpower!

Irish marine energy project developer Simply Blue Energy has found CorPower Ocean, and Columbia Power Technologies as the most suitable companies for the development of future commercial #waveenergy projects. To read more, it is here! #SimplyBlueEnergy #SEAI #WaveVenture #review #Ireland  

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The latest edition of Wave & Tidal Energy Magazine

The latest edition of Wave & Tidal Energy Magazine is now available online here.

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Nov 07, 2016 Louis 0 comments
CorPower Ocean secures €4m funding for Waveboost project.

The success story continues! CorPower Ocean secures €4m funding for Waveboost project.…/marine-rene…/corpower-grant

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Sep 22, 2016 Louis 0 comments
Some pictures from our buoy!

Click above to see our Stage 3 composite buoy shipping from Portugal to Sweden this week. Gallery: CorPower’s half-scale wave energy device

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CorPower Ocean published in “Forskning & Framsteg”

Read this interesting article about wave power and CorPower’s continued progress! Mer kraft från lugnare hav  Kraften i havens rörelser skulle i teorin kunna omvandlas till fyra gånger mer elektricitet än hela världen ­förbrukar. Hittills har dock de flesta ­projekt ­havererat. Men nu börjar det se mer ­lovande ut – och bland de företag som […]

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Sveriges Radio
Aug 09, 2016 isotop 0 comments
CorPower on Ekot – Swedish national radio

Listen to CorPower Ocean’s CEO Patrik Möller being interviewed on Swedish radio. Lyssna här  

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