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€45million EU-SCORES Project aims to deliver ‘world-first’ bankable multi-source offshore marine energy parks

A new €45million marine energy project – European SCalable Offshore Renewable Energy Sources (EU-SCORES) – is paving the way for bankable multi-source offshore parks across Europe by 2025. EU-SCORES brings together leading wave energy and offshore solar PV technology providers, CorPower Ocean and Oceans of Energy, major project developers RWE, EDP, ENEL Green Power, Simply […]

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Composite World reports on CorPower’s novel Mobile Filament Winding System

Global media platform Composite World has completed an in-depth report on CorPower’s industrial-scale wave energy converters. The 9-meter-long WECs are designed for high-efficiency, durable wave energy generation and fast, on-site manufacture. Following years of test and development, CorPower identified Filament-Wound GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) composites as the most efficient and cost-effective solution to manufacture commercial-scale hulls. After […]

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What does it take to build the world’s largest wave energy test-rig? 

While bringing its groundbreaking Wave Energy Converter (WEC) technology into commercial scale systems over the last three years, CorPower has also developed an on-land test-rig capable of accurately simulating wave loading from any ocean site around the world.    The ocean is a fierce and unforgiving environment. All too often we have witnessed pioneers deploying solutions at sea before being thoroughly tested on land, only to go on and fail. Many risks involved in deploying first-of-a-kind systems can be eliminated if machines are rigorously tested and debugged in a controlled machine hall environment before ocean deployment.   CorPower’s first commercial scale WEC called C4 has a diameter […]

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CorPower features on Megadeals Podcast

The latest Megadeals Podcast is live with CorPower CEO Patrik Moller discussing the firm’s recent inclusion in the ‘Sustainability Game Changers – Nordic Top 50 report’. The Sustainability Report, led by Stockholm Management Consultancy Megadeals Advisory and Environmental Services group We Don’t Have Time, recognises companies delivering world-class innovations to significantly lower CO2 emissions with […]

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The real value of ocean energy: an interview with Ocean Energy Europe CEO Rémi Gruet

  Rémi Gruet is the CEO of Ocean Energy Europe. After working for 6 years in the private sector, Rémi Gruet spent a further 17 years influencing the European political agenda, working both inside and outside EU institutions – notably the European Parliament and European Wind Energy Association. He joined OEE in 2013 to promote […]

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CorPower comment on IPCC Report

The latest IPCC report is summarized as ‘Code Red for Humanity‘ by UN Secretary-General António Guterres, stating ‘The alarm bells are deafening, and the evidence is irrefutable:  greenhousegas emissions from fossil-fuel burning and deforestation are choking our planet and putting billions of people at immediate risk.  Global heating is affecting every region on Earth, with many of the changes becoming irreversible.” The […]

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CorPower completes world’s largest wave energy test-rig

CorPower has constructed the world’s largest wave energy test-rig following an intense two-year project.  The 45-tonne moving mass system, installed at CorPower’s Stockholm base, is capable of simulating ocean wave conditions anywhere in the world. The design, build and accreditation has been supported by key supplier ABB and accrediting body DNV.  Measuring 40m in length and 9m in width, the system will play a fundamental role supporting CorPower’s flagship HiWave-5 demonstration project, […]

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Article about us in OE Digital

Swedish firm CorPower Ocean, one of the new generation of firms, also uses buoy technology, to absorb energy from the surge and heave of waves with its HiWave resonant WEC. But, it has sought to get out more with less using phase control, to enable it to oscillate in resonance with incoming waves. It does […]

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The Wonder Bouy that might finally make wave energy feasible

WITH ALL THAT to-and-fro and ebb-and-flow, the motions of the ocean offer an endless supply of renewable energy. Or they would, if engineers could figure out how to capture that power. Most prototypes for wave-energy converters have been massive and costly, or else they’re torn apart during violent storms at sea. But a Swedish company […]

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