On stage at Let’s talk Energy

Jun 10, 2019 Louis Update 0 comments

A pleasure to be on stage at Let’s talk Energy, discussing the Portuguese electricity system and how wave energy can play an important role in balancing the grid when moving towards 100% renewables. The ocean absorbs and stores energy from weather systems over several days, then delivers consistent and predictable wave energy to our coasts with a production profile that can offset the intermittency of wind and solar. Adding wave energy to the energy mix offers a reliable and competitive path to a 100% decarbonized electricity system whilst reducing the need for battery storage and reducing the cost to consumers.

With Antonio Vidigal of EDP Innovation, Joaquim da Costa Pedroso of EIB, Arlindo Oliveira of IST, José Roque of EY, and Patrik Möller and InnoEnergy

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