Current partners and investors

Close collaboration with universities, institutes and established supply chain gives CorPower Ocean the advantage of working with a highly skilled team and access to expensive infrastructure at a limited cost.

The next generation resonant Wave Energy Converters is currently being pilot tested through the HiWave and HiDrive projects in close collaboration with the global power company Iberdrola Engineering, the Portuguese marine research centre WavEC Offshore Renewables and CorPower as technology developer.

Our current activities are directed towards demonstrating the unique features through full scale deployment and verifying the efficiency and reliable operation. Scientific validation is being carried out in cooperation with leading European institutions including the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, NTNU in Trondheim, IST in Lisbon and RISE in Sverige.

Current partners

Current investors

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This project has received funding from

the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research

and innovation programme under

grant agreement No 727598