HiWave-5 Demonstration project


CorPower Stage 4-5 program HiWave-5 started in mid-2018 and builds upon the success of the Stage 3 program HiWave-3.

The overall goal is to enable successful introduction of certified and warrantied WEC products in the market by end of 2023-2024, making wave energy a bankable technology that can attract mainstream renewable energy project finance.

The project goals will be achieved by completing the remaining two steps of the structured product verification and certification process under HiWave-5:

Stage 4 – Demonstration and prototype certification of a single full scale ’C4’ WEC, planned for 2018-2021. Taking the technology from TRL 6 to TRL 7.

Stage 5 – Demonstration and type certification of pilot array with three full scale ’C5’ WECs, planned for 2022-2023. Taking the technology from TRL 7 to TRL 8

The HiWave-5 project aims at having at least three operational devices demonstrated in a pilot farm, delivering electricity to the grid with certification of availability and performance.